About Garden and CSA...
      The CSA (community supported agriculture) concept is a fantastic, but relatively new idea. The principle involves several families purchasing “shares” of a garden, either with one annual payment, or split into smaller weekly payments.  The “shareholder” then receives a “share “of the bounty from that garden on a weekly basis throughout the harvest season. A May share could include escarole, radishes, baby greens, rhubarb and green onions, while a September share would more likely contain things like tomatoes,  pumpkins, onions, garlic, potatoes, and cabbage. Every vegetable sent to you at its peak flavor, in season. This is living off the land when you don't have the time or space to grow these things yourself.

     We don't spray pesticides on our garden either, so you don't have to worry about residues. Our veggies
don't have to survive a 1,500 mile trip to get to you every week; you pick them up right on the farm where they grew. This allows us to grow varieties that, while they might not ship well, or have a three month shelf life, will have ten times the flavor of their produce dept. counterparts. We grow green zebra and black plum tomatoes, round Italian zucchini, blue and fingerling potatoes, and heirloom garlic and more. We grow standard varieties too, but these heirlooms (in the same class as heritage animals) are what make our CSA fun and flavorful.  We enjoy doing things a little differently, and so do the folks who share our garden.   Community Supported Agriculture is more than just a garden share program; it’s a way of life.
     Sustainable agriculture is not only good for the farm and the farmer, it’s good for the consumer and the environment as well … For centuries, consumers have been using their food dollars to tell farmers what they want. If you go to the local discount superstore, and spend your food dollars on Brazilian produce, Chinese honey, feedlot beef injected with MSG and salt solution, and battery-farm chicken, you are supporting ecologically unstable monoculture farming. Shop at the Farmer's Market instead, and let your food dollars tell the farming community what you want; fresh, local, healthy food. Please, support your local sustainable farmers! We can't do it without you.




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