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 Healthy bees make healthy honey.

Unlike most commercial beekeepers, we don't feed our bees “preventative” antibiotics, nor do we put heavy chemicals like coumaphos and fluvalinate in our hives. These chemicals are highly dangerous, and can leave chemical residues in wax and honey for years after their use.

We collect honey, wax and pollen from our 70+ colonies, and are never afraid to use them. We never had to worry about the recent Chinese honey contamination, because we had our own that we knew was clean.

Our honey is never heated or forced through a super-fine filter, so it still has small particles of wax, pollen, and propolis in it..

These microscopic bits are the powerful healing formula in our local raw honey.

Raw honey has been used medicinally throughout history. People have used it for everything from the common cold to stomach ulcers, allergies to burns; it soothes, coats, and heals. We could tell you personal stories of horrible burns healing without even a scar, having been treated simply with raw honey and a green leaf. You can't get these results from ultra-pasteurized super-filtered grocery-store honey.

We also sell bee pollen, another anti- allergy immune booster. We sell ours fresh-frozen, not dried, to retain the flavor, nutrients, and naturally occurring amino acids found in fresh pollen.

Our unbleached beeswax is sold bulk for use in cosmetics and soaps, or as 100% beeswax candles. Beeswax is expensive, second only to bayberry wax in its rarity. This is because it takes nine pounds of honey (¾ of a gallon) to make only one pound of wax. Rarer still is beeswax without chemical residues to mar it's purity. Our beeswax is chemical free, and when you burn our candles you can rest assured that while they fill your house with the sweet scent of honeycomb, they will be filtering impurities from your air, not adding to them.

Ask for a taste of our honey when you stop in.





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