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2008 Planting List



Cabbage – Blue and Red Dynasty, Early Jersey Wakefield

Cauliflower –  Snowball, Cheddar, Violetta 

Broccoli – Romanesco , Green Goliath

Kale – Vates

Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna


Cucumbers –Sumter,  Bosten Pickler, Mexican sour gherkin, White Wonder, Chinese Snake

 Melons – Banana, Gold Doubloon, Jaipur, Jenny Lind, Charantais, Hale's Best Jumbo

Summer Squash –“Tondo di Nizza” round zucchini, “8-ball”

                   “Italian Striped” zucchini

                              “”Florentine” zucchini

Pumpkins – Styrian hulless, Jarrahdale

Winter Squash –“Really Big” Butternut,  Acorn, Spaghetti Squash, mixed heirloom types



Tomatoes –Cherry - “Yellow Pear””Snow White” “Sugary””Tiny Tim”

 Beefsteak -”Cherokee Purple”

 “White Thomasol”, “Mortgage Lifter”

 Slicer - “Pink Oxheart”, Bonnie best, Oregon Star

  “Persimmon ”(orange), Jubilee, Manalucie

  “Rose”, Giant Belgian, Golden Girl

  Paste - “Super Roma”, Mama Leone, Purple Russian


Peppers, hot –“Hot mix”,  Jalapeño

Peppers, Sweet –“Asti Yellow Bell”

                        “Toppepo Rosso” - red Italian ,

                        mini sweet mix

Eggplant - “Rosa Bianca””Louisiana Long Green”


Onions- Barletta (Pearl)

            “Candy”, Superstar, Stockton Red, Copra (storage)

Garlic- many different kinds



“Green” beans –”Dragon Tongue”(purple striped roma wax), Jade,

                                    Slenderette, Yard Long, Purplepod    

Snow Peas – Snow green

Shell Peas – Rally


Swiss Chard- 5-color silverbeet, Lucellus

Spinach – Correnta

Lettuce – Parris Island Cos (romaine)Oak Leaf, Tom Thumb,Cimmaron (red romaine)

Escarole – Natasha

Chinese Cabbage – Cha Cha




Carrots – St. Valery, Rainbow , Little Fingers

Turnips – purple top

Rutabaga- Laurentian

Potatoes – Pontiac and Kennabec, Adirondack Red and Blue, Fingerling, Red Gold

Sunchokes –

Radishes – cherry belle, easter egg mix, black spanish

Beets – Crosby's Egyptian, Cylindra, Chiogga, Golden Detroit

Sweet Potatoes – Key's


Watermelon – Orangeglo, Will's Sugar, Blacktail Mountain

Okra – Dwarf Green

Flowers – various decorative and edible flowers.

Herbs – basil, parsley, cilantro, tarragon, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage.

Sweet Corn – Bodacious-Y, Lancelot-BC, Seneca Spring-BC,

                        Seneca Dancer-BC Silver Princess-W


Dry Corn – OP field corn


Popcorn (decorative too) Carousel, Brown Sugar, Shaman's Blue






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