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Price list...

Prices reflected here are subject to change due to fluctuating economic conditions
and are current as of Sept. 1, 2008. 
Please call us for current price list as web prices may be out of date.


Pastured Beef

Cut to order- processing included. Ask us about our beef payment plans!


$2.35/lb hanging wt.

half or whole beef

$2.25/lb hanging wt.

Pastured Chickens

Dressed weight, with or without giblets


$2.00/ lb

Cut-up - add $1.50 per bird


Heritage Lamb

Processing not included.

$1.50/ lb Lambs are sold live weight.


12oz angel with
flip top

$3.00 each

Case of 12

1 lb jar $4.00 each Case of 24
2 lb jar $9.00 each Case of 6

5 lb jug

$16.00 each

Case of 6


price is for a pair

tapers $10.00

floaters $ 4.00

Votives $4.00


2.00 per oz

per pound

CSA shares -
full season share price

see payment plan below... ;-)



Family $500

Lg. Family $900

Gift baskets

plus cost of contents


Rush orders-


Gift Certificates

available in any amount

No extra charge ;-)

Brown Eggs

Per dozen


CSA 2008 Payment plan

Share Size /  feeds
         basket size

Total price

Down payment

+4 monthly

         Half  /  1-3
         peck (1/4   bu.)




       Single  /  4-7 




     Double  /  8-12
        full bushel





Which size you get depends largely on how much you eat at home, and whether produce is a large part of your diet. Use your weekly/monthly produce buying habits as a guide when deciding. You are welcome to split a share with a friend if you are not sure how much you will use. If you cannot pick up your share, you may have someone else pick it up for you. Please keep in mind that shares that are not picked up will be donated to a family in need.















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