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         Hello folks! It is now 2008, and the time of year we page through the seed catalogs, planning this year's garden. As former (and future) CSA shareholders you have had a part in this. We took all of your survey responses into account when compiling this year's planting list. We can't please everyone, but based on your requests, we have decided to make a few changes this year.

            We won't be having as many odd veggies this year, no mustard greens, no salsify. Instead we will be focusing on things we know how to use, more broccoli for instance, and spinach. That doesn't mean we won't have variety though, carrots come in more colors than orange (the originals were white and purple) and you'd never dream how many different kinds of tomatoes there are. We plan on using these unique heirlooms to add  color and interest to your shares instead of confusing you with things you've never heard of.

            We have also made some changes to our sizes and pricing structure. Don't get me wrong, the price  has not changed, if anything you'll get more than you did before for the same price. Let me explain. We are keeping the two sizes we offered last year, and adding a full bushel share for those of you who were getting two shares last year. This makes is easier for everyone, and allows us to give you a price break. Instead of paying for your share every week, this year we have two payment options. You can pay for the entire season at once (think tax refund), or hold your spot with a down payment, with the rest due in four monthly payments starting when you get your first basket. This setup allows us to start earlier, when the baskets may not be as full, and continue longer. It also gives you a few weeks to get used to having fresh produce, instead of being swamped, and a few weeks to get used to less in the fall. Not to mention the fall crops that we missed out on last year.

            Our Pickup day has also changed from Saturday to Thursday afternoon. You may pick up your shares anytime between noon and 7pm.  This  is to keep your CSA from interfering with your family time. ;-) Below you will find this year's planting list, as well as pricing for all three share sizes. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks for partnering with us! 
Only by His grace  Joseph and Marion Yoder and Family


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